S.Y. STAGE LTD was established in 2004 with the aim to provide high quality services in the constantly evolving entertainment industry.

On the basis of the triptych, specialization, organization and expertise, with respect for people and the environment and with absolute order and safety, we specialize and offer transportation, rental and installation of event equipment of high standards complete success, for large and small events throughout Cyprus.

The basic principle and commitment of our company, as well as the philosophy of each executive and member is to provide quality products and services. Our goal is to provide our customers with services that fully meet their contractual requirements, comply with the relevant laws and regulatory requirements and to achieve the levels of quality set by the company.

In order to fully achieve the aims and objectives, our company has adopted the Quality and Safety Management System in accordance with International Standards ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. These Standards are applied across the company and in all activities which affect the quality of services, safety, health and welfare of its employees and the satisfaction of its customers. The company’s ambition and commitment is to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Management System, based on the axis:

v   The review and continuous improvement of the characteristics of its services, where possible, and the efficiency of the process and thus conjointly the entire Quality & Safety Management System.

v   The defining of measurable realistic aims for quality.

v   The allocation of resources to secure suitable infrastructure and the unhindered, efficient and effective operation of each department of the company.

v   To reduce customer complaints about quality to zero.

v   To avoid placing any form of burden on the environment through its activities.

v   To secure the health and safety of staff and customers, through risk assessment and preventive control measures.

v   Encouragement, continuous training, briefing and educating staff in order to promote quality and safety in every activity and acquire culture and proper behavior in matters relating to Health & Safety.

v   The continuous updating and effort to meet the legal requirements of the laws in force, directives and applicable standards. Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, S.Y. STAGE LTD recognizes and rewards teamwork as well as individual effort, invests in people and respects the client.

In our company we give primary importance to the human being and we consider our employees as our most important asset. In this context, and having as criteria the best service for our customers, we continuously invest in the advancement of our organization through the development of its human resources. The company currently employs 7 persons on permanent basis, who contribute positively to the achievement of company objectives, through ongoing training and the team spirit that distinguishes them.

Our products include stages, raised platforms, grandstands, catwalks, platforms and floors for swimming pools, beaches, gardens, dance floors, exhibition kiosks, dressing rooms and relevant equipment, regular and security fencing, curtains, bars, lighting and sound equipment. We also manufacture by order scenery and special structures for events. We also offer complete technical solutions for theatrical performances, construction, transportation and installation of scenery, lighting and sound, as well as operation. We offer our services to all kinds of festivals and concerts, wedding ceremonies, receptions and parties, fashion shows, graduations, theatrical performances, political campaigns, conventions, exhibitions and all kinds of cultural events.

We have to our credit the most important festivals and major concerts of Greek and foreign artists, theatrical performances by Cypriot and foreign troupes, fashion shows by international brands and agencies in Cyprus, local and international conferences. We have put our stamp on the biggest weddings, in major television events and all kinds of artistic events conducted in recent years in Cyprus. We work with the largest companies, public institutions, municipalities, local communities, organizations, associations, advertising agencies, television stations, theatres, hotels, entertainment venues, reception areas and individuals. Some of our clients are the following: Paphos Aphrodite Festival, Agia Napa Municipality, University of Cyprus, Papadopoulos and Schinis Productions, Galaxias Live Productions, Beyond Entertainment, O.T.G. Group ltd, M.C. Full Loaded ltd, M.K.G. Audio, Event Pro, ANO Sound, V & M Video Electronics, A & S sound and lights, FX Productions, Lexis Theatre and many others.

Our offices are located in Lympia , 2 Arch. Makarios III Street. Apart from management and the accounting department, we also have a special design department in order to serve our customers better.

Our warehouse is located in the Alambra Industrial Area, 77A Lympia Avenue. It is designed and organized accordingly and our equipment is stored under the best conditions in order to maintain it in the best possible state.

Proper and safe transport of goods and staff is a primary goal for our company. It makes sure to have in its fleet suitable vehicles, appropriate to carry out any work under any conditions.


Our vision is the continuous development of the company and the best possible service for our customers by offering structures of high quality and design which correspond fully to the design specifications and the particular requirements of each event. For this reason, we constantly monitor the development of technology in the field, update our skills and knowledge and renew and increase our material.